For more that two decades, our general contracting firm has been delivering our promise to provide cutting edge ideas that are environmentally friendly.  We pride ourselves on  never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients. We apply sound principles of construction using eco-friendly tools to deliver the job at hand. We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size or scope.

  • 1999 - Space Age Construction founded
  • 2000 -Landed the worlds largest retailer as a client and we still work for them to this day
  • 2005 - Consulted on and oversaw construction of goverment buildings
  • 2013 - Named best commercial general contractor of the year by a peer committee

Space Age Construction

           Commercial General Contractor




At Space Age Construction, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and on budget.

our foundation

I started Space Age Construction to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  To become one of only a handfull of top commercial general contractors. 


Our founder


We know that your reputation is only as good as the results of your last job. That's why we pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach.


Our business is construction our passion is relationships . We value quality and deliver excellence on all our services 

Bringing our construction expertise to everyone.